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tv online free streaming device android adsl box wireless keyboard

Air Mouse and keyboards can be used to make typing easy. All sets include a standard remote.

Android TV Box - smart choice to upgrade your old television set with new technology. Connect to the Internet and enjoy full functionality.

Android TV Box Online - Internet access

With this TV Box you will upgrade your standard TV to a Smart device to monitor security cameras and download APP’s

Android TV Box show movies series sports and more applications Live free streaming of youtube, netflix and showmax with genres and more Kodi is used with repositories where files with data is kept to be downloaded

TV Box Online. With these Android TV Box options, you will be able to upgrade your standard TV to a Smart Android or Windows device, to monitor security cameras.

Android TV Boxes entered our Market in 2014, as a converter box for TV. Since we have been able to upgrade our old TV sets to smart TV sets. The Box connect to your PC, TV or other monitors via HDMI or AV connectivity. There is no need to replace your standard TV with the newest Smart TV technology available today. You can simply add the Android box to the existing system, and there you have the newest technology today to enjoy. Sign in and get APP’s available on the Android and Google Play stores. With the Android box you can access your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, WhatsAPP and many more.

These Android and Windows Boxes run a full version of Android 4.4 up to 6.0 and Windows 10 OS. This mean that your TV is like a big Tablet PC. You can also connect the wireless Air Mouse and Keyboard to the TV Box, which will make net surfing and changing your settings so much faster and easier. But the remote included in the set offer a valuable source to do whatever is needed on the Android Box software for your TV.

We strive to offer something different than what the standard products offer direct from the factory. We offer an upgrade service, where we install the software and setup the device to make your TV Box experience much more fun. This new TV monitor computer devices, will be developing at a fast rate as new and advanced technology becomes available.

Here in South Africa we also have existing companies who offer managed and dedicated streaming services for TV,  like Netflix. For a minimal fee per month you will have access to these services on your Android Box TV.

The Android boxes work on 802.11b/g/n IP Protocol, which means that you can add and communicate with other IP devices on the same network. Many of our customers use the Android Boxes to monitor their property with live streaming IP cameras installed around the properties. They can connect over the network with their phones and mobile devices to their Android Boxes at home to see what is happening at the protected premises or do live surveillance on their TV at home.

Included on the device is USB ports to add wireless Blue Tooth devices or additional hard disk drives to record data. The Boxes also allow for HDMI high quality video output ports and SD card slots for additional recording space.

Internet connectivity: The ADSL connection is the main product needed for Online connection on your Android TV Box. You can not use online or any other service without an ADSL or 3G/4G Internet connection. SA offer ADSL land line services and Mobile 3G and LTE services. The faster the connection speed you have, the better the bandwidth will be to your TV. Take for example you watch a movie on Youtube, using your current ADSL connection. If the bandwidth is slow, you will have to PAUSE the movie, so it can buffer and give you a smooth movie experience without glitches. It is the same with the Android TV Box. It connects to the net and will automatically start buffering the downloaded data. Then after buffering, the movie will start playing as smooth as the network connection allows. Any Internet connection can be used for this product range.

What can be watched? (We do not support infringement material)

The options available on the world wide web accounts, allow for millions of options and is growing each day as we speak. We have access to all the Internet data and documents available. Just like you will use Youtube on your PC or mobile phone. Other options is available for high definition in different quality ranges. Movies can be watched in HD or SD and even lower quality options. Get started today with the new and growing technology available today.